Rich Data for Account-Based Marketing.

Reap the Benefits of Intelligent Big Data for your Account-Based Marketing Strategy. 

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Know Your Customer.

Understand your highest potential customers. Determine where they are, where they are not, and their commonalities in order to focus your account-based marketing programs.

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Surface Best-Fit Accounts with Custom Scoring

Align your efforts with the highest potential accounts in order to stand out from the crowd of competitors, and maximize the efficiency of your team's time and resources spent.

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Align With Sales.

Get in front of the right accounts with the right segment messaging with LeadRank's firmographic and demographic account detail. Stay in-the-know on distinguished awards earned by accounts that fit your brand, and help direct your sales team on where to focus.

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Outsmart your competition.
Stay ahead of your peers.

Actionable and intelligent data has arrived to the CPG industry. Want to remain in front?

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