Customized Lead Data For Your Brand, Driven by Machine Learning 

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illustration of AI-sourced, human-audited data

AI-Powered Lead Generation.

Your focus on the right accounts drives results. We analyze hundreds of thousands of venues in the United States, and apply advanced machine learning (ML) systems to pinpoint the highest priority accounts. On and off-premise, chain and independent. We call it LeadRank ML™.

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illustration of AI-sourced, human-audited data

Customized Account Scoring.

LeadRank ML™ assigns each account a custom score based on your brand's target criteria, and sorts the best matches first. Arm your team, distributors, and brokers with actionable, forward-looking data to efficiently pursue your highest value leads.

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An Unprecedented View of the Market.

Our statistically-driven insights provide instant knowledge while removing subjectivity, uncertainty, and salesperson bias. With LeadRank ML™, you can push your team to the highest levels of efficiency and productivity—across geographic markets.

Data-Driven Territory Management

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Outsmart your competition.
Stay ahead of your peers.

Actionable and intelligent data has arrived to the CPG industry. Want to remain in front?

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